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COVER 2006-2: Fractals and Real Dynamical Systems
by Stephen M. Buckley.

ISBN: 0-9544269-6-7
Publication date: 1 June, 2006.
Paperback. iv plus 86 pp. black-and-white illustrations. Index. 295x210mm.
Retail Price: €9.99. BUY NOW!
View Preface, Contents, Introduction (PDF file, 65K).
Published simultaneously in English-language and Irish-language editions, this is a textbook written for use with a one-semester course aimed at third-year students at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. The material is intended to be covered in three lectures and one tutorial per week.

It's a first course in the beautiful, twisted shapes known as fractals, and the way they are connected with dynamical systems. It goes as far as symbolic dynamics, Sharkovsky's Theorem, and the Schwarzian derivative.

The Irish-language edition is Codaigh agus Corais Dhinimiciula Readacha, ISBN 0-9544269-5-9.

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