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ISBN 978-0-244-77742-5 (pdf, April 2019)
Advanced Plane Geometry: some generalization in geometry,
by Patrick D. Barry.

ISBN 978-0-244-10406-1 (Hardcover, September 2018)
The Great Calendar Reform: An Historical and Mathematical Examination,
by Michael J. Walsh.

ISBN 978-0-244-02530-4 (Hardcover, published January 2018)
FREE download (pdf, published July 2017)
Analysis One,
by Anthony G. O'Farrell.

ISBN 978-1-326-85523-9 (Hardcover, published December 2016)
Riordan Arrays: A Primer,
by Paul Barry.

ISBN 978-1-326-41433-7 (Hardcover, published September 2015)
ISBN 978-1-326-41581-5 (Paperback, published September 2015)
Analysis Zero,
by Anthony G. O'Farrell.
Foundations of Mathematical Analysis.

ISBN 978-1-326-36743-5 (Published August 2015)
Advanced Basics of Geometric Measure Theory,
by Maria Roginskaya.
Lecture notes on a short course.

ISBN 978-1-326-03224-1 (Hardcover, Published October 2014)
ISBN 978-1-326-03020-9 (Paperback, Published October 2014)
My Life and Functions,
by Walter K. Hayman, FRS.
Autobiography of a famous and much-loved complex analyst.

ISBN 0-9544269-7-5 (Published 1 April 2008) 1st edition, out of print.
ISBN 978-0954426989 (published 30 July 2013)
Irish Mathematical Olympiad Manual, second edition,
by J. Cruickshank, G. McGuire, A.G. O'Farrell, D. Redmond, R.O. Watson and D.J. Wraith.
This compact A5 paperback is the second edition of a revised and expanded version of the former Maynooth Mathematical Olympiad Manual, which has enjoyed use in all the Irish training/enrichment centres directed at the Irish and International Mathematical Olympiads. It has also attracted interest and favourable comment from France, Britain, Poland, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, the United States, Taiwan, Switzerland, and Sweden.

ISBN 0-9544269-5-9 (Foilsithe Meitheamh 2006)
Codaigh agus Córais Dhinimiciúla Réadacha,
le Stíofán M. Ó Buachalla.
Cúrsa bunúsach aon seimeastair d'fhochéimithe ar codaigh ('fractal', as Béarla). Baintear úsáid as Maple ann.

ISBN 0-9544269-6-7 (Published June 2006)
Fractals and Real Dynamical Systems,
by Stephen M. Buckley.
This is the English-language edition of a textbook intended for use in a one-semester course introducing the basics of fractals.

ISBN 0-9544269-4-0 (Published February 2005)
Introduction to Maple¹ Programming,
by Anthony G. O'Farrell.
This text has proved effective in developing programming skill in beginners, using Maple¹.

ISBN 1-8991-6223-2 (Published by Marino Institute of Education, April 2002. Logic acts as distributor.)
Notai an Bhrathar Mac Craith,
by Antoin O Fearghail.
Written in Irish by Anthony G. O'Farrell, this is compiled in homage to a great teacher, Br. Fabian McGrath, and is based on his dictated notes. All proceeds go to provide scholarships for Maths students.

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¹Maple is a trademark of Waterloo-Maple, Inc.
Updated 15-4-2019.