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2014-1 and 2014-2: My Life and Functions
by Walter K. Hayman, FRS.

This book is available in hardcover and paperback editions. The paperback is designed to be as affordable as possible. Logic does not take direct orders (unless you are ordering in bulk, in which case you should contact us to discuss discounts). The book may be ordered direct from the distributors, Lulu.com, or from any bookseller (incl Amazon - just search with the ISBN). Follow the links below for the hardcover and paperback editions, where you will also find further details of the books' dimensions and previews of their content.
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Walter Kurt Hayman is a very famous and much-loved mathematician. He was born in Cologne, Germany in 1926 and was sent to Britain in 1938 to escape the Nazi persecution of the (ethnic) Jews. He was educated at Gordonstoun School in Scotland and at St John's College, Cambridge where he came under the influence of M. L. Cartwright and J. E. Littlewood. After periods at Newcastle and Exeter, with visits to Brown and Stanford, he was elected to the Royal Society in 1956 and appointed Professor of Pure Mathematics at Imperial College, London. For over 30 years there he ran a famous school in Complex Analysis (also known as "Function Theory"), attracting mathematicians from all over the world. He then retired and spent 10 years in York University before returning to Imperial College, where he is a Senior Research Fellow. He has received many prizes and awards and is an honorary graduate of several universities. Twice widowed, he now lives in Gloucestershire with his third wife, Marie. He gives a frank account of a life dominated by mathematics, music, friendship, family and service. There are 15 photographs, a complete list of his 218 publications to date, and a comprehensive index.

The inexpensive paperback edition is designed to be as generally affordable as possible. The better-quality hard-cover edition is somewhat more expensive, but may be more suitable for libraries.

"Walter Hayman has led a remarkably full and interesting life" --- David Drasin, Notices of the American Mathematical Society.
"It was a delight to read My Life and Functions" --- George L. Huxley
"I very much enjoyed reading this book and judge that this pleasure will be shared avidly, by mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike." --- Tom Carroll, Newsletter of the London Mathematical Society

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